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Dog Litter Box for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Dogs and puppies are the one of the most popular pets throughout the world, as much as 44% of the United States population owns a dog. They are fun, they are loyal, they are friendly and they prove to be the best companions, but they also demand to be well kept and clean. Cleanliness guarantees a a problem-free life for humans as well as animals. Hence, the first requirement of keeping a happy dog is a good litter box. A large litter box at the corner of your home is going to be your dog’s favorite place. It will not only provide convenience but also a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog. How to train a dog in a litter box will prove to be one of the most important milestones you achieve in your pet life. A litter box will be your dog’s little private place, however keeping your dog out of the litter box will also be a task! 

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Why is a litter box important?

The most important question is what is a good litter box? A litter box is important to train dogs to relieve themselves indoors. This is a convenient and a lifesaving practice. Although how to train dogs is a complete different question and answer, but the type of litter box can ease your training. A litter box is more necessary than you think, it is a very important routine that, if you implement, will only provide you benefits and favors. Dogs love outdoors, that a given, but there are certain conditions where taking dogs is not possible, in those times, a litter box feels like a life savior. Some instances where a litter box is mandatory include:

Living in a metropolitan city. 

Imagine living on the 15th floor and bringing your dog outside for potty every time! Sounds impossible right? That is where litter boxes become saviours. A small area inside the apartment or on a balcony where the dog can go and relieve himself and come back inside would save time, energy and a 24 hour vigilance. Moreover, people who have work can train their dogs to relieve themselves on their own in their absence. This saves the stress on the dog and the owner both to rush to each other for relieving. Litter boxes wont need owner to be around dog for their potty. Managing to be their every time your dog needs to relive himself is not an option thus litter boxes make lives easier for both sides. Also, a dog trained to excrete in a litter box is easier to be taken along in travelling, for example in a hotel or someone’s home. This is only possible with the best litter box for your dog

Disabilities & injuries

Litter boxes are convenient for people who suffer from health issues and cannot take puppies and dogs outside every time they need to relieve themselves. This is also important at times when the dogs are sick or have had some injuries. Handicapped people have found litter boxes very useful for keeping pets, this makes them independent in maintaining their pets. Also is very useful in times when pets have bladder issues and are not in a mood to go outside. 

Weather Problems

Litter boxes prove to be very beneficial in weather problems – be it rain or snow, you are not dependent on taking out your dog , he can be safe inside while defeacating himself despite any harsh conditions. Plus if a dog has a habit of going out being dressed then he will prefer going out all dressed and its going to be a hard time dressing the dog two or three times. 

Thus litter boxes are a wonderful innovation by pet-owners which make you enjoy your pet -experience without any hurdles. However the most important question is – how to choose the best litter box? OR What is a good litter box? OR features of a good litter box? Well, we have here complied a very beneficial list for you to make an informed decision when buying a litter box for your dog. Based on surveys and experiments, experts have streamlined some basic properties of a good dog litter box

What features are necessary for a good dog litter box?

1 – Durability

A litter box should be able to withstand wear & tear. This is a thing thats going to be used 5-6 times a day, it has to be durable enough to bear hard wearing. A long lasting litter box is the first concern of a buyer, you don’t want to spend your Sundays buying a new litter box, its not only expensive but a new litter box will require new set of training for the dog.

2. Ease of use

A litter box has be simple, convenient and easy to use. A complex or programmed litter box isn’t going to work with a dog because we need to remember that this is going to be used by a trained dog and it cannot handle innovations and changes. 

3. Convenient sanitisation.

This goes without saying that sanitisation is the primary purpose of a litter box, it should be easy to clean. It should have a proper easy to handle mechanism for cleaning. Without easy sanitation a litter box will serve zero to no purpose. 

4- Breed specific

Last but not the least it should be breed specific. it should suit the size, age & breed of your dog. Make sure you buy a litter box of the correct size which should make your dog comfortable. A litter box should feel like home to your dog, and not something he tries to avoid. 

Having discussed the basic features that should kept in mind while purchasing a dog litter box, we now move on to the different types available in the market. Different litter   boxes offer different facilitations – some provide proper cleaning while some offer easy out to indoor transition with grass surfaces. It all depends on the buyer to choose which facility they want the most and which can be compromised on.

Different Types of Litter Box for Puppies and Dogs

1- Conventional Litter box

A conventional litter box is a small plastic case made for the dog or puppy to enter in and relieve themselves.  They have bigger edges to let the animal in and make himself comfortable. Roof is an optional feature in this kind of boxes. To manage the odor, some odor-absorbing granules, sand or old used paper works well. They are very easy to use but they have to washed and cleaned everyday. It is a very useful box for urine and stool both but daily sanitation is mandatory. However, a side effect can be accumulation of ammonia which provides bad smell  . ‘

2- Pee Pad holder

These are a type of paper or fabric that absorbs urine mostly, but it can be used for stool as well. It is found to be very useful in potty training dogs and make them get used to relieve indoors. Pee pads can be very useful but they also need regular disposing off and cleaning. They have to be cleaned and replaced regularly avoid foul and bad smells. They also come in with a holder which holds the pee pad. 

The negative side of this litter method is that dogs may chew into the pads and tear off the papers. 

3- Plastic Grate and Mesh

This is a recent newly designed litter box  with meshed mechanisms and designs. It allows a very convenient place for dogs to complete their business. It is made like a high rise chair, where dogs just step up, sit comfortably and do their business, the box has a filter through which the urine passes in the lower compartment while the stool stays on top. in the lower compartment their are absorbing chemicals and mesh that doesn’t let the urine create any foul smell. However, the downplay for this method is only regarding stool as it doesn’t absorb that and can create a foul smell if not disposed off quickly. 

4- Synthetic Grass Box 

A dog is naturally prone to relieve himself in outdoors, thus many litter boxes are now designed to replicate the outdoor facility. They have synthetic grass incorporated in their designs so that a dog doesn’t have much difficulty in  training. Synthetic grass can be used and recycled again and again. They can provide a cheaper and a much easier alternative to real grass, which needs sunlight to grow. However the downside of this is that dogs can start eating the blades. 

5 – Real Grass Box

Real grass box is the most natural experience for a dog. It uses real grass and makes the experience almost same as outside experience. It is lasts for almost one to three weeks and then they need to be replaced. This grass is grown hydroponically and provides a permanent solution to your dog’s litter boxes needs. Although this will be a bit more pricey but this is a permanent solution and gives your dog an experience that will be almost as good as being outdoors.  

Featured Dog and Puppy Litter or Potty Box

Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies and Small Pets- Portable Potty Trainer for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The puppy potty pet trainer by Petmaker is a great option for an indoor restrooms for your pets because it offers the best synthetic grass litter mats. The average size is 25 inches by 20 inches.

This litter box offers a three-layered training system with an enhanced experience for your dog. The setting of the box is such that the antimicrobial and odor-resistant mat is placed above a plastic piece which helps the drainage of fluids. The liquids then go down into the collection tray at the bottom which is durable and anti resistant to wear and tear.This design makes sanitation easier because the separate layers need to be rinsed with soap and water only. So the question is, what places would a pet maker work ideally?  or for which places would a pet maker be best suited? The answer is it helps a great deal to people who live in apartments in high rise buildings and who work for long hours and are not home at suitable times. 

The main advantage of using a pet maker is that it removes the stress of owners returning to home or dogs waiting for owners to get home so they can relieve themselves. This product trains the dog for an independent potty experience. The composition of this product is of synthetic plastic whereas the other two layers of insert and tray layers are made of hard plastic. The only con reported of using a pet maker is that dogs chewed the grass but this can be controlled if the dog is monitored for the first few times around the use. 

  • Self trains the dog
  • Independant potty experience
  • No help needed
  • Dog can chew the grass
  • Risk of getting sick

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, Easy Clean Spout by Nature’s Miracle

This is an easy and safe method to potty train your dog indoors. The size is ideal for small to medium sized dogs which is the majority share of pets. It is convenient due to its non stick surface which makes it easy to clean and sanitize. 

The product is very economical and it has 10 inch high walls all around to avoid spillage and spreading of waste, and also makes your pet comfortable and safe during his relieving. It is also very effective and space managing litter box. Even though this company is mostly famous for cat litter boxes but this one is easily usable for dogs because of its size and durability. Durability being one of the top priority of litter box buyers, this has proved be the best solution. However, the disadvantage is that clutters might build up in the walls which can be a hassle. 

  • Block Odours
  • Remove Stains
  • Provides Anti-microbial Protection
  • Clutters might build up in the walls
  • Clutters can cause a hassle

Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

Right now, this deal is the best and famous deal prevalent in pet community due to its money-back guarantee. Money back guarantee gives buyers a physiological comfort before buying a  product. The product is designed in a way that lets the dog urine pass through its paws into the pad inserted underneath.  This avoids the mess created otherwise by messy and wet paws, it helps the paws stay dry. The klean paws indoor potty has an advantage that it does not need any extra cleaning accessories like vacuums or mops, the grate system makes the process of changing paws easily. This prevents dogs from eating into the pads and also that the pads last longer and are extremely economical. It also helps to stop spillage and accidents which is left by other types of potty pads. This is one of the most ideal indoor potty training, its not only good for dogs but also an ideal thing for cats and other pets to be used as a pet litter box indoors.

  • Money Back Gurantee
  • No extra cleaning required
  • No extra accessories
  • Grating System
  • Easily changeable paws
  • Indoor
  • Indoor use can be smelly
  • Any spillage might need cleaning

Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray

This is an award winning tray that is is influential in providing cleanliness and changing. It provides a special snap -in feature, once the pad is inserted just snap the top back on and its superior its ready for potty training. It offers three different colour types giving a unique taste and choice to handle unique personality types and dog’s personal liking. It is also a great tool to ensure a smooth transition from outdoor to indoor and also its travel friendly dog litter box, you can detach the tray and take it with you wherever you want. Another advantage of the Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray is that the pads are not chewable by dogs. 

  • Travel Friendly
  • Non-chew able
  • Easy to use indoor/outdoor

    DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty

    This disposable turf litter box is actually the best and real grass turf, it is made with real grass which makes the dog enjoy it just like an outdoor experience. The natural grass is the best absorbent available , even better than synthetic grasses and plastics. This is the ideal and go to dog potty training turf, especially for people who are away for hours and don’t have enough time to spend, it is also very good for senior dogs. It absolutely is easy to clean pet litter box, the natural grass has to be thrown away and replaced, it also reduces  waste. The new grass feels as fresh as outdoor environment, and is good for even a 45 pound dog. However, a minor disadvantage is that people have complained that the grass dried too quick. 

    • Easy to clean
    • New grass feels like fresh
    • Gives a refreshing feeling
    • Grass dries out quickly

    PETKIT Dog Training Toilet

    This is a 20.5” x 15.35” x 1.85’’ indoor dog training product, it can be used for other small pets as well. With an easy anti-slip tray its portable and easy to use. The main advantage of using this dog training toilet is that it keeps the paws dry. There will be no use for wet vac or mop. The urine and waste will flow right beneath the dogs’ paws and filter throw the drainage tray or newspaper. The pads are also non chewable so teething time will be of no worry as the pads will last long and wont have to replaced again and again. The size is perfectly suitable for different types of dogs and different sizes, it makes them all very easy and durable. The main advantage is that its pocket friendly and lasts longer, the litter box requires minimum lookafter .

    • Paws stay dry
    • Non chew able
    • Low Maintenance
    • Long Lasting
    • May cause spillage
    • Odor risk

    HIPIPET Dog Toilet Puppy Dog Potty Tray 

    This is a 23.6’’ x 18.1” x 1.9” measuring product extremely effective due to its puppy pad holder and its removable post and wall cover for cats and dogs. Just like every other famous product, this product also keeps the paws dry and the urine flows directly into the tray. the cleaning up process of a dog potty tray is very simple, the two layers just need to be washed with soapy water and that makes it all very tidy. The most customer-attractive policy is that it comes with a 1 month return and replacement policy and a lifetime of customer service. They are extremely handy in transport and the surface is very smooth for paw surfaces. 

    • Lifetime customer support
    • Easy to transport
    • Dry after use
    • 1 month return policy
    • Bit large in size

    Frequently Asked Questions – Dog Litter Boxes

    What is an indoor potty for dogs?

    Indoor dog litter box and potties were created to fulfill the purpose of giving your dog and puppy the chance to do his dirty business indoors in the absence of outdoor environment which is required by the pet owners living in buildings, apartments or condos. They can also be used as an equipment to train dogs to use litter box. Indoor dog litter boxes and potties are either made with disposable natural grass or synthetic materials that are washable, durable and odor free. Some of them require manual cleaning while others like the BrilliantPad machine offer hands-free waste collection and require a simple roll change every now and then.

    How can I train my dog to use a dog grass pad?

    You can train your pooch or dog to use his new grass pad by placing a real log or small tree bark on top of his indoor potty pad to give him an environment just like the outdoors. Adding anything he had previously peed on is a bonus for your pooch and may make it easy for you to train your dog to use the litter box. Maintaining a regular feeding schedule allows you to predict your dog’s bathroom habits and there is nothing better than routine to get your dog used to his new grass pad. Positive reinforcement is also necessary during training. Whenever your pooch uses his new potty pad or dog litter box, reward him with a delicious treat and shower him with praise. This allows him to view his grass pad in a positive light.

    How should I clean my dog potty?

    Proper hygiene is necessary in order to get rid of harmful bacteria that can grow and multiply inside the layers and corners of any indoor dog potty. Use a combination of soap and hot water to wash plastic or metal potties. Cleaning should be done on a daily basis if possible. Dog friendly cleaners made with hypoallergenic ingredients are highly recommended. These cleaners were especially formulated with your pooch in mind so they have zero harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. The best way to get rid of cleaning your dog’s potty patch is to get the self cleaning dog litter box for your pooch which will make your life convenient too.