Advantages of Using A Dog Litter Box

Advantages of using a Dog Potty Tray and Grass Pads


A litter box trained dog is an independent dog, it will not need its pet parents to be around him every time he needs to relieve himself. This not only reduces stress of parents but also on the pet, as he wont have to wait for pet owner or parents to be around every time

Metropolitan life friendly

How to make your dog pee in a high rise building? The answer seems difficult but its not, the answer is as simple as potty training your dog. Its impossible to take your dog outside for his business every time, its physical exertion and mental stress as well. Keeping a potty tray inside the home will ease this problem and will not make it hard to go outside every time. 

Harsh Weather

Harsh weathers of snowing and raining can be very hard on dogs, they need to be dressed and made ready to go outside if they want to relieve themselves whereas a potty tray will help them to stay indoors for their business and avoid going out in harsh weather. 

Feeling sick and low

There are times when dogs feel sick and don’t have the energy to go outside thus potty tray will be of great use because that means you don’t need to take him outside for his relieving business. This will make them stay inside despite being sick and unwell.

Pet-Parents with disabilities and health problems.

Pet parents with health problems cannot take a pet outside for business 4 to 5 times a day, same with people who have some natural disabilities, in such cases potty training becomes a life saver, it can provide comfort to sick and elderly pet parents. 

Clean and mess free house

Its impossible to be with your pet 24/7 and there will be instances when you cannot be with your pet and he will relieve himself on your carpet, on your bed, on your sofas – anywhere he feels like and you could come home to smelly and dirty apartment. Potty training keeps your home clean and safe

Bladder issues

As dogs get older its difficult for them to hold their pee and thus potty trays come in very handy, it makes them relieve themselves without having to go through the exertion of going out.