Disposable Dog Potty Patch and Litterbox

DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty Review

DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty Review
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This single use turf litter box for dogs is really the best and true grass turf, it is made with genuine grass which causes the dog to appreciate it simply like an open air environment. The close to nature grass is the best permeable access, far superior to manufactured grasses and plastics. This is the perfect and go to dog potty preparing turf, particularly for individuals or families who are away for a considerable length of time and do not have sufficient time to spend with their pets especially dogs, it is likewise generally excellent for senior pooches (elderly dogs).
It totally is anything but difficult to clean, the regular grass must be discarded and supplanted, it additionally diminishes squander. The new grass feels as new as open air condition, and is useful for even a 45 pound dog. In any case, a minor burden is that individuals have grumbled that the grass dried excessively brisk.

Customers Personal Experience:

The grass pad from Fresh Patch is made of actual live grass that develops on a soilless hydroponic mat. Fresh Patch is an ideal option for all indoor pets including unvaccinated puppies, who are also unable to leave the residence. This grass pad will substitute for a litter box in a snap if you have a cat, and are looking for litter box options.

This grass pad understandably draws the dog, much as a typical lawn will do, and its roots are good for the absorption of urine, as well as for the removal of odors and the keeping of messes to a minimal level. Although this product is perfect for urine elimination, be sure to use a scooper to eliminate any solid waste without delay. Although urine is instantly drained away and absorbed easily, one thing you should bear in mind about this commodity is that you do have to clean up solid waste the same as you would outside in a lawn. You’ll need a container, a rake, and little garbage bags, just make sure to empty them immediately once your dog has defected, or the entire house is bound to stink.

The cardboard container (where the grass sits) is solid, leak-proof and entirely discard-able, meaning you don’t have to think about spills or making a mess. However, be mindful that certain dogs can bite the carton out of frustration, which is what holds the grass in place, so normally, it should continue to function.

  • Neutralizes odors
  • Ideal for apartments
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for busy pet parents
  • Small in size

Why you should buy DoggieLawn Disposable Potty Pad?

What if there was a well-functioning dog potty, is a 100% environment friendly, and still very easy to maintain? Well, the Disposable Fresh Patch Dog Potty uses a mix of organic grass and carton – there’s no involvement of plastic! yFor all the dog owners out here who believe in using an environment friend approach, it can be hard to find a commodity that you know gives your dog the best treatment while still operating on certain values. Nevertheless, with this product, you will be glad to learn that your dog has some sort of biodegradable to clean themselves, while not contributing to the wasteland for thousands of years.

It is not just your average grass from a backyard — it doesn’t arrive with a soil foundation, so it does not exactly smell like the outdoors. It’s clean, lightweight, grown hydroponically , basic grass. The system in which this product works is amazingly easy – nature will be doing all the work here. Once you think like the patch has completed its job  (each patch generally lasts around 1-2 weeks), open your freshly shipped Fresh Patch and dispose off the old patch.

The Doggie Lawn grass pad is indeed an ideal option for backyard and apartment use. It’s made of organic hydroponic grass, which means it’s almost the same thing as natural grass, however without pollen, bugs, dirt and worms. Since it’s actual grass, the not so pleasant odors that potty time brings with them aren’t a concern because they get absorbed into the natural potty. And, probably the best aspect of all, it doesn’t need any cleaning at all. Just throw out your old DoggieLawn box until the new one comes!

Not only does this grass pad draw dogs, it also neutralizes odors and absorbs liquids, as one might expect from a typical lawn. DoggieLawn is a complete housebreaking device that can be used everyday with small or ill pets. If you are an owner of smaller pets, such as cats, guinea pigs or rabbits, this pad is also ideal for them.

It’s REAL GRASS so it absorbs liquids and odors that fake grass can’t.

Ideal for busy owners with dogs, puppies, apt dwelling dogs, and senior pups

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