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The Best Dog Litter Box – Editor’s Choice


PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

PetSafe Pet Loo is a state of the art potty training product that gives your dog an easy outdoor to indoor transition. It is a great alternative to puppy pads and comes in three sizes i.e options for small, medium and large breeds. This is a great product for working pet parents, who want to quickly train their dogs for an indoor time.

The pressing question is How to clean this product? The product comes with covered waste bin and Wee Sponge powder work which helps to trap all foul smells and odors. The product is made of PET- Polyethylene Terephthalate plastic, which is another advantage that lets the odours trapped inside the crate and is environment friendly. The Pee-Pod slides out of the lower base and the Wee Sponge that absorb urine and turns it into a gel. This not only stays hygienic but also makes the waste disposal easier. The grass mat is also very easy to clean as it only needs to be rinsed and cleaned with water, it just needs to be removed and rinsed with soap and water. 

It is highly space friendly, it can easily fit into small apartments, camps, patios and etectra. It is also suitable for big dog breeds for example, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Australian Shepard, Husky, Boxer, etc. 

This brand has a PetSafe brand’s U.S.-based Customer Care experts always ready to help; call Monday through Saturday at 1- 800-845-3274

This product has been in market since 1991 and is containment and lifestyle products are very important and durable.