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HIPIPET Dog Toilet Puppy Dog Potty Tray Review

HIPIPET Dog Toilet Puppy Dog Potty Tray
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This is a 23.6” x 18.1″ x 1.9″ sized litter box for pets , amazingly compelling because of its doggy cushion holder and its removable post and divider spread for felines and mutts. Much the same as each different well known item, this item likewise keeps the paws dry and the pee streams directly into the plate. the tidying up procedure of a canine potty plate is exceptionally straightforward, the two layers simply should be washed with foamy water and that makes everything clean. The most client alluring approach is that it accompanies a 2 month return and replacement warranty and a lifetime of client support. They are amazingly helpful in transport and the surface is exceptionally smooth for paw surfaces.

Personal Reviews by Customers:

You’re going to grow up to enjoy this dog product. Naturally dogs are drawn to vivid colours and, as a male dogs tend to mark their territory on their potty tray, leaving paw prints on the walls, not to overlook the unwelcome smells and stains. We  like that this tray comes with a grill and lets the pee trickle out, making it much more cleaner and dryer.It’s convenient to clean and the wall helps hold the tinkle in and away from the wall. It takes a little time for your pet to start understanding how to go there, but once they realize it, things really do get easy.

 I do appreciate the fact that it came with a removable cone that imitates the exterior of fire hydrants and so on for dogs. With that said, this is a remarkable discovery in its nature and trendy enough for the bathroom of your pet!

Has a latch that snap locks for convenient click napping on and off the grate. Enables you to conveniently change the pads and lock potty sheets so that they are not torn up. Rubber legs on the bottom secure the holder in place to shield the wood floor against getting all scratched up. The plastic post is particularly there to help aid your pet to pee on the tray.It helps prevent your pet from missing while urinating on the floor instead of the tray. The adjustable wall is built to keep the dogs from lifting their legs and peeing on the floor instead. Save the floor from getting stained up.

  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Cleaned Easily
  • Splashing to some extent

Why you Should buy HIPIPET Dog Toilet?

HIPIPET Dog Toilets are appropriate for both small and medium-sized dogs! Quite light weight for convenient storage and transportation. Keep the dog’s paws free from urine! Specially adapted trays with a distinctive interlocking grid pattern distinguish the pee from the paws of your pet. The smooth coating will never damage your pets ‘paws or catch their nails in between! The HIPIPET dog pad keeper let your pads last quite longer and save your money on pricey  animal urine pads. You will also spare yourself from daily wiping off the muddy paw prints on the floor. Constructed of high quality rigid plastic, our pet toilet trays are made for convenience and are very comfortable on the paws of your beloved pets.

  • 🐾KEEPS PAWS DRY – Pee runs straight into the pee pad carrier, the Hipipet dog toilet manages to keep your pet’s paws dry and safe. Forget about a wet vacuum or even the mop!
  • 🐾NO MORE TORN PUPPY PADS – The Snap on/off option will keep your dogs from going to training pads or the newspaper inside the pee pad holder, your wallet won’t have to take anymore hits since you do not even have to spend money on training pads or a newspaper!
  • 🐾SIMPLE TO CLEAN-UP – The cleaning of the Hipipet potty tray is so simple and quick. All that you need to do is rinse double layers with the help of soap water.
  • 🐾SAFEGUARD YOUR FLOORS –  Hippet dog toilet will substitute your exposed puppy pads, this training pad keeper is number one on your board!
  • 🐾COMPLETE GUARANTEE – Obtainable in Dog Toilet Scale 23.6″x18.1″x1.9,’ – Hipipipet is dedicated to offering 1-Month Return and Repair Service & Unlimited Free Customer Support- They strive for their clients to be 100% pleased and satisfied – You can still go to them for every product problem and personal service in their Amazon Store.

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