How To Litter Box Train your Dog or Puppy in 7 Easy Steps 2020

Simply getting the best dog litter box is not the only thing you need to keep your dog and the residence clean and tidy. The dog or puppy must be trained according to the equipment you have bought from them. Most of the equipment comes with the instructions already but our simple guide will help you how to train your dog for the dog litter box and to house train your dog to use a potty tray or fake grass their is a prescribed method and following that you can easily house train your dog. 

7 Easy Steps to Train your Dog or Puppy for litter box

  1. The first step is to cover the floor inside the area you want to train with newspapers or pads. You will need to work over this over a weekend. The dog needs to be given dog broth so he can have repetitions. 
  2. Crate your dog inside the tray and after every 30 minutes make him sit inside the tray for at least 5 minutes. Encourage him to go and if he does then give him a big treat and freedom of 30 minutes, but if he doesn’t, then he has to sit inside the pan for another 30 minutes. 
  3. Continue feeding the dog broth and once you feel he is reliably potty-ing  onto the pads then start reducing the size of the newspapers until u cut down the final size that you wish to use for future. 
  4. Once you are assured that he is potty-ing onto the small sized newspaper area then shift those pads or newspapers on the litter box.
  5. If your dog is comfortable now using the litter box then next step is to make and encourage him to step into the tray himself. For that you need to leave the  exercise pen door open
  6. Once the practice is done you need to remove the exercise pen area and take your dog out of the crate. You need to watch carefully and encourage him to potty in the dog potty tray
  7. Lastly, you need to place the potty tray where you want it and train the dog to find its location. 

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Once you feel that the dog is easily going to the potty area, you can easily remove the crate and guide him to the tray every time you feel he needs to relieve himself. Next steps include encouraging dogs to find their way to the potty training from places farther away in the home. Keep rewarding the dog with treats and if you think their is an issue then increase supervision until the dog can find his way to the tray on his own and get out of it on its own. Supervision can be increased by giving less freedom time to the dog by keeping him inside the tray or crate.